General FAQ'sā€‹

*Can I hear a song before I order?

*How do I correct an order I placed?

*Can I cancel my order?

*What are the shipping and tracking policies?

*What is the return policy?

*What is the replacement policy?

*What is the privacy policy?

*Do you have a catalog?

*Can I mail my order?

*What forms of payment do you accept?

*Do you charge sales tax?

*Can I place a special shirt/decal order?

*Why is the name incorrect in my media player?

Personalized CD FAQ's

*Can I hear a song before I order?

*Tell me about name availability, spelling and pronunciation of names.

*How many tracks are on each CD and how many times will my child's name be mentioned?

*How are the CD's personalized?

*Do you have EVERY name?

*Where can I find more details about each product?

*Help! My CD or Sound Module isn't playing correctly.


Can I hear a song before I order?

Of course! Just go to our home page. Enter your child's name in the name wizard and you can listen to the name in any of the albums that are available for that name.

  • In the text box under the "To Hear Your Child's Name" type your child's name and then click on the "Find Name" button.

  • Click on the pronunciation that matches your child's name.

  • Then just click on the album you want to listen to.

  • The first track of the album will automatically begin playing.

  • Click on another track name to hear the next track or just wait until the first track is done playing and it will automatically play the next track.

  • Track samples are each 30 seconds long. The full play time is shown next to each track name.

  • The number of times your child's name will be mentioned is also shown.

  • To choose another album to listen to, just click on the "See All Albums" link under the "Find Name" button.

  • Click on the "Buy Now" button when you are ready to order and fill out the order form and then "Add to Cart".

How do I correct an order I placed?

Because our items are personalized, all sales are final once they are shipped. When your order is finished you will receive a receipt with all of your order details emailed to you. Please review your order details carefully and confirm they are correct. If something is incorrect, you must contact us to let us know before we ship your products. Either reply to the order confirmation email or call us immediately. Prior to shipment of your order, There is no cost to make corrections. Please be prepared to provide us with your first and last name, the date you placed your order and your order number when you call.

Can I cancel my order?

Any order may be modified or cancelled if you do so prior to us shipping your products. Because our items are personalized, all sales are final once they are shipped. If you need to cancel an order that hasn't shipped yet, please reply to the order confirmation email or call us immediately. The method of payment you used will be refunded. Please be prepared to provide us with your first and last name, the date you placed your order and your order number when you call.

What are the shipping and tracking policies?

Click HERE to see our shipping policies and order tracking described in detail.

What is the return policy?

Click HERE to see our return policies described in detail.

What is the replacement policy?

Let us know immediately if there are any damages to your product. You must notify us within 48 hours of receiving your order to receive a replacement.

Replacements will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If authorized, replacement orders will be shipped using the same information and shipping address as your original order so please review your order confirmation immediately upon placing your order to make sure everything is correct. No changes or substitutions will be allowed. All replacements are shipped via First Class mail regardless of the shipping method for the original order.

What is the privacy policy?

Click HERE to see our privacy policies described in detail.

Do you have a catalog?

Since our product line changes frequently, we do not have a printed catalog of our products.  We have discovered most customers prefer the real-time aspect of ordering online, listening to music samples of the names we offer, etc. Many of our products require some interactive checking to make sure the products that are ordered can be produced as desired by the customer. These interactive checks can not be done on mail in orders.

Can I mail my order?

Mail in orders do not allow the interactive checking mentioned above under "Do you have a catalog". If you need assistance with your order feel free to call us. We have operators who will assist you in placing your order.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept American Express, Discover, Visa and MasterCard credit cards. All orders are processed in real-time through our secure server using PayPal. All data is encrypted and then sent to our credit card processing company. 

Do you charge sales tax?

Since we are a company based in Alabama, a state sales tax of 9% will be charged for orders shipped to Alabama addresses. Other states will not be taxed.

Tell me about name availability, spelling and pronunciation of names.

The NAME WIZARD is designed to help you determine the answers to these questions. Search for the name you're looking for to see if it is available in any of our collections of music.

  • If your name / pronunciation is available it will be displayed along with which albums are currently available for that name.

  • If your name / pronunciation isn't available, we can record it as a custom name. Click HERE to see our Custom Name albums.

  • Some common double names are available. A double name can be recorded as long as it doesn't have too many syllables, as a Custom Name.

  • We are not able do twins or two children's names because the music is all written with the perspective of only one child in the songs.ā€‹

How many tracks are on each CD and how many times will my child's name be mentioned?

Each Personalized Music Collection has a description on the product page. The number of tracks, name mentions and the playing time for each track are seen here. 

How are the CD's personalized?

The label of the CD will include your child's name and a personalized message from you as entered on your order form. The pronunciation field is used to make sure we get the right pronunciation of your child's name regardless of how you spell your child's name. The pronunciation field does not show up on the label. The personalization text on the CD label will be in all capital letters. The order form will limit the number of characters you can put on the label. This is so we can be sure to fit all of your personalized message on the face of the label.

Do you have EVERY name available?

Yes! Any name can be recorded in our music CD's. If your name is not available in our list of over 13,000 names, we can have your child's name produced as a Custom Name for an additional $10 fee.

Where can I find more details about each product?

Each product has it's own information section. Visit the product to read the details about that particular item.

Help! My CD or Sound Module isn't playing correctly.

For CD's let's try a few things first.  

  • Are there any scratches on the back of the CD?    

  • Does the CD skip in exactly the same spot each time you play it?    

  • Does the CD jump around within a song, maybe even between songs?    

  • Try the CD in another player or in a computer. 

We ask these questions because we've found that some CD players are not really compatible with the newer generation of computer generated audio CD's. This is rare but it does happen occasionally. Usually when the CD is played in another player it sounds fine even though the original player doesn't work correctly. If this happens, sending a replacement CD probably won't solve the problem and the same thing would happen again. We test every CD before we ship it. 99% of the time when this problem occurs the CD plays fine in another player. If your CD skips in the same place on different players then there is likely to be a small scratch, even if you can't see it. If this is the case, a replacement CD should solve the problem. In that situation we will send you a replacement CD. Please contact us or call us and we will be glad to assist you.

With Sound Modules, 99% of the time the problem is batteries. If you are having difficulty with your sound module, please buy FRESH BRAND NAME batteries (check the expiration!) and install in the sound module. If that does not solve your problem, contact us for further help.

Can I place a special decal/shirt order?

Absolutely! Just contact us at DXGraphix2@gmail.com and we would be happy to work with you.

Why is the name incorrect in my media player?

When you get a music CD or a digital music file from any source including Friendly Songs, that audio file has a specific signature. Services such as iTunes or Windows Media Player, or any other service similar to those, reads the signature of the file and "attempts" to match it up to a file they've previously seen.

This works well for 99.999% of the music industry because the songs are NOT personalized. But a track like our Firefighter Song will have the same signature for Bobby, Sally, William, Jessica, etc. because the track signature is the same for all of them with only a tiny part of the audio being unique to each name.

So when the music services do the very first import of a track, the first person who uploads a file to their servers may name the file based on their child's name and then the service assumes whenever they see that file signature, then it's the same from there on out. So if the first customer uploaded the "Firefighter Song for William" that is the title all customers will see by default in the future, even if the music is actually slightly different, i.e. - "Firefighter Song for Sally".

THE GOOD NEWS is that this is easy to fix.

Every service gives you the ability to rename the files. So after you've imported your music into iTunes or another service, simply rename the files to the name that fits your child's name.

Here are some direct links for some of the more popular services on how to do that:

Apple iTunes: support.apple.com/guide/itunes/change-song-and-cd-information-itns2937/w...
Windows Media Player: windows-media-player.com/to-change-how-files-are-named/

Or just do a browser search for "how to rename music files in XXXXX player" and instead of XXXXX put the media player you use.

After you change the track names in the service and save them it should show up correctly in the future (on your account).

FYI - We have attempted to get iTunes and other services to NOT use what the customer provides in their default track name but instead use the generic, non-personalized track name. Unfortunately, they are too big (millions of artists) and we are just a small artist in their eyes (only 9 albums) that we've never been able to get them to correct their database which is why each customer has to correct the name files on their own accounts.