Custom Name Let's Sing for Jesus CD

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Personalized music CD with your favorite Christian songs. 

*NOTE: Custom name CD's can take an additional 5 business days for our singer to sing the album.

Any Name Pronunciation can be recorded when you order this Baby Bear's Music Custom Name CD! Does your child have an unusual or unique name? They too can have a personalized CD's with their name in the songs!

We are only able to record the child's first name. Some double names such as "Mary Sue" can be recorded but if the total number of syllables is more than five this can be difficult for our singer. Baby Bear's Music is written in a way that does not work well with two separate children's names. The songs refer to one child and and two separate names just would not make sense with the lyrics. Please do not ask us to do more than one child's name in the music.

The "Let's Sing for Jesus" CD lets your child know how much God Loves Them. Your child will learn Bible stories as they listen to these songs personalized with their name in them.

Encourage and build your child's self esteem as they sing along to these fun songs.

Number of Tracks: There are 9 tracks in this CD. All of the songs are personalized for your child.

Album Length: 21 min total run-time

Total Name Mentions: 19 Personalized Name Mentions

Welcome :                                1:36 min - 2 Name Mentions

Jesus Loves the Little Children: 2:49 min - 2 Name Mentions

I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N:         2:27 min - 2 Name Mentions

Peace Like a River:                    2:38 min - 2 Name Mentions

Joy, Joy, Joy:                            3:28 min -3 Name Mention

This Little Light of Mine:             2:54 min - 3 Name Mentions

He's got the Whole World in His Hands: 2:14 min - 1 Name Mention

Jesus Loves Me:                       2:49 min - 3 Name Mentions

Blessing:                                   1:01 min - 1 Name Mention

Artist:  This Music Collection is Copyrighted, Produced and Distributed by Personalized Kid Music Division and is sub-licensed to the Friendly Songs Music Division. Both companies are divisions of KMConsolidated LLC. All Rights are Reserved.

Audio Samples:  The quality of the audio here on the website has been decreased so that your download time is quicker. The actual Baby Bear's Music CD that you will receive is created with only the highest quality audio standards. 

Shipping:  The Personalized Music CD's are shipped via the method you choose during check out. Please view our Shipping Policies in detail.

Returns:  Please review our Returns Policy for more information regarding corrections, cancellations, returns or replacements 

CD Label:  The CD label will include your child's name and message as you've entered it on the order form. The pronunciation will not show up on the label but will be used to make sure we get the right pronunciation, regardless of how you spell your child's name.

Name Availability:  Our CD's can be recorded using ANY name. If you did not find your child's name in the demonstration, please consider our "Custom Name CD's".