Country life decal

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Country Life decal - approximately 6 x 4 inches.

These can be made larger. Send us a message.

Shown larger in photo for detail.

Application instructions for decal
*Clean area with soap and water or wipe with rubbing alcohol. Do NOT use Windex or similar products. These prevent the decal from adhering well.
*Rub a credit card (if you don't have a squeegee) across the top of the decal. Remove any air bubbles.
*Peel the decal from the backing. If the decal sticks to the backing, place back down and rub with credit card again.
*Carefully lower the decal onto the surface and rub it in place firmly with a squeegee or credit card. (Make sure you get it set correctly. Once it's on, it's on!)
*Slowly peel the transfer tape off at an angle. If decal is not sticking, place back down and rub with credit card again.
*Wait 72 hours before washing.

Actual decal will be white. 

Instructions for applying decal will also be sent with order.

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