Jun 23rd 2019

Welcome to our new blog and to our store. 

We are Tom and Debbie Wright and we are located in LA. Not *that* LA. LA as in Lower Alabama. We enjoy living on the Gulf Coast.

Our store combines our love for children and just having an enjoyable time creating products we love. 

Listen to your child's name in an ENTIRE album with the name sung several times in each song. Your child's name isn't on the list? No problem! Our singers can create an album just for them! Just choose the custom name CD. Kids LOVE to hear their name in the songs. We have noticed they either get a huge grin on their face or they suddenly turn shy. Let us know how your child reacts. The albums can be purchased on a CD or we can put a sound module in one of our adorable stuffed animals.

We also create t-shirts, decals and other custom items. Any of these products can be customized to suit your needs. Just send us an email!

BONUS: Shipping is FREE!

So what are you waiting for? Check us out!